Open Fires

Open fires tend to be more traditional in style although there are a few modern designs. An open fire requires a proper class 1 brick or stone chimney usually found on properties built before 1960, however newer houses can also be built with chimneys. Open fires have decreased in popularity over the last 20 years because they are not particularly practical, can be very messy & are inefficient. With the increased popularity of stoves which offer a more practical way of burning many people are switching over from open fires to stoves. We carry out lots of conversions on fireplaces retaining the traditional fireplace but adapting it to accommodate a stove. If you do decide to have an open fire, there are two main considerations- if you are in a smoke control area & the ventilation for the fire. 

Smoke control areas Most urban areas & suburbs are classed a smoke control areas. You can find out if your property is in a smoke control area by checking with your local council. In Rushcliffe, West Bridgford & Edwalton are both smoke control areas, and the villages are not. If you are in a smoke control area & have an open fire you must only use approved fuel, usually smokeless coal, as the burning of wood on an open fire is not allowed. 

Ventilation In order to comply with building regulations ventilation must be fitted with open fires. This is in the form of an air vent fitted either into an external wall or into a suspended floor to bring fresh air in from outside. The air vent must be permanently open & must not be blocked. Open fires require an air vent to bring in fresh air as they use a lot of oxygen from the room for combustion.

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